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 Customs Museum
Customs Museum
Starting from the need to keep and safeguard the customs heritage, in an ever-changing world and time of great challenges for the Customs Services, being consequence of increased trade, globalization and regional integration, within the program for celebration of its 20th jubilee since its establishment on 2nd April 2012, the Customs Administration of the Republic of Macedonia promoted its first Customs Museum.
On 3rd October 2012, as an additional activity of the Museum with the basic idea to show the interest of the Customs Administration of the Republic of Macedonia to inform and improve the knowledge of the passengers about their rights and obligations when arriving in and departing from the customs territory of the Republic of Macedonia, the first Information Museum Area was opened at the Airport Alexander the Great.  
Reaffirming our commitment for contributing to further enhancement of the cooperation and search new possibilities to improve the communication among Customs Services, together with the sole cause of safeguarding our customs heritage for the future generations are the grounds for existence of the Customs Museums.
Location and Infrastructure
The Customs Museum is located at the Headquarters of the Customs Administration and consists of five parts with over 250 objects covering the period of the Customs Service in the Former Yugoslav Federation and the period following the proclamation of independence of the Republic of Macedonia. Besides the glass cupboards, the Customs Museum also includes billboards explaining the activities and results of all organizational units (Sectors and departments) of the Customs Administration of the Republic of Macedonia.
Customs Museum (Lazar Lichenoski 13, Skopje)
The Information Museum Area (IMA) is located at the Alexander the Great Airport in the part for departures from the customs territory of the Republic of Macedonia. It consists of several glass cupboards, posters and booklets with information for the passengers. On this area, different kinds of goods (allowed, prohibited goods and goods subject to import duties, goods and articles of protected trademarks, animal and plant products protected with International Trade Conventions) have been placed in special glass cupboards and information booklets were printed to inform the passengers about what they need to know upon entry/exit from Macedonia. The collection has over 350 museum articles.
Information Museum Area (IMA) (Airport Alexander the Great Skopje)

Zlatko Blazevski
Person responsible for issues related to the history of the Customs Administration
Customs Administration of the Republic of Macedonia
Lazar Lichenoski 13, 1000 Skopje
Republic of Macedonia
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