Finance Minister Kiril Minoski paid an official working visit to the Customs Administration. Customs Director General informed the Minister about the completed and ongoing projects from the Government Programme, underlining the activities taken by the Customs Administration to implement the Agreement on trade facilitation, and series of measures aimed at simplifying and facilitation of customs procedures and maintaining and improving the existing position in the latest World Bank Doing Business Report concerning the indicator:

Cross-border Trade, where Macedonia is ranked 26th among 189 countries in the world, representing progress for 101 places, compared to the year 2007 when Macedonia was ranked at 127th place.

Among the topics of discussion were the projects for upgrade of thefacilities for customs clearance at the border crossings Tabanovce and Kjafasan, which are part of the Programme of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia.The realization of these two Projects will considerably improve the infrastructure of the two border crossing points and increase the traffic flow at the crossings, reduce the time required for  border formalitiesand allow for use of modern means of inspection, thus  accelerating and facilitating trade and transport along the Pan-European corridors 8 and 10.

The Minister was informed that the construction work at the border crossing point Tabanovce will begin this month and it is expected to be completed by the end of 2017. Construction work on BCP Kafasan are to start in 2017 and should be completed in the second quarter of 2018. 

During his visit to the Customs Administration, Minister Minoski attended the meeting of the Revenue Collection Committee of the Customs Administration, where he was informed that by the end of September 2016, the Customs Administration collected 53,678.35 million Denars, i.e 6.87% more than planned for that period and 10.51% more compared to the same period in 2015.

The Minister also took te opportunity and visited the premises of the centralized system for video surveillance of customs offices as one of sophisticated tools to prevent and combat smuggling and corruption.


The measures taken daily by the Customs Administration to prevent smuggling resulted in two significant seizures of drugs during the past week. On October 1 at the BCP Tabanovce, the customs officers prevented an attempt for trafficking 26 kilograms of marijuana, while few days before, on 28.09.2016 Gat BCP Blato, another attempt for trafficking 12 kilograms of marijuana was foiled at the BCP Blato. Part of the seized marijuana was shown to the minister.

Minister Minoski and Director General Radeska Krstevska agreed that success at work is not accidental, but it is a result of a long term, focused, patient and teamwork. They expressed commitment to further successful cooperation, aimed at further simplification of customs procedures and provision of greater competitiveness of the national economy and reduction of costs for the economic operators.